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At the top of each category of the Trade Order Form pages are specific ordering instructions for each category. Please read these before filling out that category, to avoid delays and errors with your order.

 In most cases the following two rules apply, however some products are different hence the need to read the notes for each category.

  • If a bracketed number appears after the product e.g. (18) this indicates the full box quantity but you can order a lesser amount if you wish.
  • If a number appears in front of a product then that product will be supplied in modules of that quantity only.

Within each category, products are further broken down into group headings.
Each of these sections has an add to cart button that needs to be clicked if you have ordered something from that section.

To process your order, click on the view cart located under the navigation menu. Here you can check your order and then click on the Proceed to Checkout button at the bottom of the page.